Summer Sale 2021 has begun


It's Summer Sale 2021 at Ghost Syndicate and of course we have packs to inspire you.

The timing might not have been better as we have recently dropped some fire Bass Music packs.

So what would I recommend? Here are the packs you don't want to miss:

Drum & Bass

1. Flux:

2. Helheim:

3. Forma:

4. Nami Artist Pack:

5. OXIUM Vital Preset Pack:


1. Grimoire:

2. Babylon:

3. Orbit:

4. Raijin:

5. Shinigami:

Bass Music & Electronica

1. Chronicles (Garage):

2. Vacuum (130BPM):

3. Maze (Retrowave):

4. Forever (Trip Hop):

5. Exilus (Synthwave):

All these sounds are 50% off now with code SUMMER50!

Go here to check out all new packs, templates and more.

- Artur // Ghost Syndicate

PS. Our designer Sabir has joined our Summer Sale and also runs a 50% sale at this artwork store: 

Use code SUMMER50