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Nasty Sub Bass with Erosion

Sub-bass isn’t all about the sub. Try using a hard saturator and mix it lightly with the Dry/Wet knob just to get a few harmonics.

At this point, you can insert Erosion (if you work in Ableton) or a ring modulator to get some artifacts in the high end. Use this effect moderately.

Now, you can use a high shelf to make the artifacts louder and give an extra edge to the sub-bass.

While dealing with such type of processing, always A/B the entire chain and evaluate if you overdid it or if you can’t tell any difference.
The best settings are the ones that don’t sound too obvious but can still somehow be perceived when you turn the processing off.

Parallel Distortion on bass sounds

Distortion is cool, and it’s what makes basses sound aggressive. However, distortion can hurt the low end significantly by shifting its phase and introducing rumble.

Consider applying distortion in parallel most of the time, and use an EQ to filter the low end out of the distorted signal, allowing it to be mixed nicely with the bass-heavy original copy.

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Weekly recap, new packs, free downloads, tips & tricks

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Weekly recap, free downloads, tips & tricks

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